Technical Specifications

 Battery capacity: 66 kWh

Motor power: 2x 120 kW

Solar panel surface: 36 m2

Weight: 3700kg empty, 9500 kg maximum

Lenght: 5000 mm

Speed: 45 km/h

Choice of vehicle

The Expedition vehicle is an agricultural multi purpose tractor  that we will convert to electric drive. We decided for this type of vehicle because it has outstanding off-road capabilities and it is very multipurpose. Apart from agriculture these vehicles are also used in forestry, in municipal service and also as fire fighting vehicles in alpine areas.

The electric drive brings many particular advantages in this type of vehicle compared to others : 

  • The vehicle needs a lot of torque to start on a steep hill with full payload but it doesn’t need much power while it’s driving. Because it only goes 45 km/h there is very little air resistance and friction, which is the main energy drain on an electric vehicle. This allows for a very good operational range.
  • The vehicles are mostly used in alpine terrain. They often go uphill empty and drive back down full of cargo like hay, milk, wood or others. For this reason they can recuperate a lot of energy.
  • The usage of the vehicle is easily projectable and during winter they are mostly unused. Which makes them available for use as storage battery for the house as well as providing operational reserve to stabilise the power grid.
  • The handling of the vehicle is a lot easier because clutch and shifting aren’t necessary anymore. The driver can focus on his main task, which can help prevent accidents especially in difficult terrain.
  • The additional cost for the electric drive in relation to a standard vehicle is lower than for example in a car. These vehicles have very sophisticated and expensive transmissions and breaking systems to fulfil their job. Their cost can be deducted from the additional cost of the electric components. The vehicles are mostly hand built in small series, which makes a separate production line unnecessary.
  • Electric plugs can be mounted on the vehicle to drive other electric tools like wood splitters, milking machines and charge battery powered tools.

For our expedition vehicle we will replace the diesel engine with an electric motor and leave everything else as standard as possible in order to keep the cost low and development time short.